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Posted on: June 30, 2023

Enabling bio-individualized and non-invasive advanced diagnostics with Test Expert Plus

One of the longest-standing challenges in healthcare has been evaluating health and wellness from a preventive and predictive paradigm, especially regarding nutrient intakes and their impact. Professionals had to rely on self-reported dietary information for the assessment, even for medication and supplements. However, holistic bio-individualized and non-invasive evaluation has changed that. With more advanced holistic technology, you can accurately diagnose the patient and evaluate the treatment’s improvement and impact.

Wellness beyond physical symptoms

Holistic treatment transcends physical symptoms and aims to improve overall human health. Around 84% of patients are certain about the benefits of holistic medicine, while 37% perceive it to be safer and more satisfactory than conventional medicine. And as the sector gets more in tune with its root, the ancient drug-free alternatives, a.k.a. holistic medicine and wellness, is gaining traction, and rightfully so.

However, the treatment style has re-defined itself from a proactive approach to preventing illness into an active one for individualized care by integrating conventional and complementary therapies. Technological advancement in the medical sector has resuscitated the holistic ways of medicine. The procedures are now bio-individualized and non-invasive, metamorphosing the entire treatment cycle, including initial diagnosis and ongoing evaluations.

Test Expert Plus: The Technology In Holistic Medicine

Contrary to popular belief, holistic medicine and wellness is not a digression from tech-centric treatment but a harmonious alliance between tech and holistic health. The tremendous popularity of holistic medicine is mainly by dint of its technological advancement and progression, and Test Expert Plus is the epitome of that. Test Expert Plus facilitates quick and non-invasive, bio-individualized diagnosis while triggering the healing process during the diagnosis itself, and it only requires one test session that, too, without any punctures.

The device enables medical professionals to make more accurate diagnoses and significantly reduce patient turnaround time. This is a positive sign for the patients and a professional achievement for practitioners. Practitioners have agreed that holistically caring for their patients has resulted in greater professional satisfaction.

How Test Expert Plus outperforms its competitors

Test Expert Plus is metamorphosing holistic medicine beyond conventional diagnosis and treatment with state-of-art technology:

    • ● Biological Index:

The soft, interstitial connective tissue or matrix, known as the “basic system,” ages differently and can highly differ from one’s calendar age. The biological age of your patient is the level of aging/ deterioration of their basic system and can be measured by Test Expert Plus. Test Expert Plus’s biological index is an exhaustive report of the patient’s overall health condition.

    • ● Meridian Status:

Test Expert Plus evaluates their accurate meridian status by measuring and recording the defined meridian or acupuncture points on the patient’s hands and feet. The readings are further assessed to compare the values for the left and right sides. The diagnosis capacitates the correct therapeutic approach for the treatment.

    • ● Micro-Stimulation Electricity:

Test Expert Plus’s Pulse current therapy is a bio-individualized assessment that uses micro-stimulation electricity. Micro-stimulation electricity lets you locate the patient’s dysregulated organ systems and assess their health challenges.

    • ● SRT Program:

The card facilitates focused functional evaluation of the five-element system (from ancient medicine), evaluating metabolism, and determining energy regulation. The reports enable organ-specific therapy for metabolism regulation.

    • ● Safe for Children and Infants:

Test Expert Plus is child and infant safe, as it is free of any contraindications and is a pain-free experience. And the test is also cost-effective, making it a must daily practice.

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