Boost your clients’ fitness journey by scanning muscle systems and offering personalized training tips with Prefit Bodyscan.

Empower clients to achieve their fitness goals

Predict sport/training injuries before they happen

Suitable for fitness training and physiotherapy

Painless and non-intrusive

Automatic measurement and evaluation of the spine and joints

Offers fitness and dietary recommendations

Easy-to-use, quick and individualized

Watch how Prefit Bodyscan determines the ideal time for training, fitness performance, and much more!

Simplify fitness testing with Prefit Bodyscan

Perform a quick scan and generate a comprehensive fitness regimen within minutes.

Body composition analyzer (BCA)

Provide precise body fat percentage to muscle tissue measurement

Optimum training time

Differentiate between rest and active phases of the body using traditional Chinese treatment modalities

Body mass index (BMI)

Tailor a training plan based on calculated BMI metrics

Individualized fitness and dietary tips

Determine nutritional requirements based on whole-body function measurement

Pulse rate check

Maximize endurance and burn body fat by identifying the optimum pulse frequency for effective burn rates

Elevate your business with insight-based holistic training plans

Use Prefit Bodyscan to administer safe, accurate fitness screenings that provide credible and reliable results. 

Quick individualized training plan

Scan and record client information to create an individualized training plan in minutes

Competitive edge through accurate fitness analysis

Produce an individualized fitness regimen based on the client's health assessment

Precise prediction of sport/training injury

Accurately forecast training injuries well in advance

Comprehensive health assessment

Measure and assess the condition of the spine and joints through automated processes

Unique dietary recommendations

Maximize training results with diet and nutrition recommendations

Prefit Bodyscan in action

Fitness studios

Gain complete knowledge of clients' fitness dynamics


Offer targeted supplements and individualized therapies

Sports (training) centers

Expand range of athletic training services

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Wellness Devices

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Optimize your patient’s fitness regimen