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MED Select


Boost your patients’ regulation system, restore balance, and improve innate healing capacities with Med Select

A bio individualized way to unlock self regulation

Deliver optimal self-healing and restoration with Med Select, a holistic solution combining powerful bioresonance therapies with homeopathic modalities. This unique therapeutic device electronically records the root cause of illness and returns therapeutic feedback to the body to neutralize or remove traces of ailments.

Activates self-healing through bioresonance

Follows homeopathy philosophy: the more bio-individualized the treatment, the faster the healing process

Impacts both the physiological and pathological basis of health conditions

Integrated with VDS technology (digitized vibration information)

Equipped with semi and fully automatic therapy programs

Add unlimited number of new or individualized natural remedies for bioresonance

Opens new perspectives of holistic medicine

Based on insights from System Information Therapy (SIT)

Backed by insights from physiology, biochemistry and metabolic research

Confirmed experimentally at the institute for Biophysics under Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig

More than 3,000 saved ampoules and preset programs from 15+ years of research and clinical use

Watch how Med Select’s methods of application can be as diverse as homeopathy!

Diverse therapeutic treatment for natural, self-restoration

Med Select offers a myriad of unique features to steer the body’s bio-individualized regulation and healing capacities back into balance

Bioresonance therapy for self healing

Eliminate harmful toxins by electronically identifying the root cause of illness and returning therapeutic information to the body to promote healing and regeneration

Therapies for revitalizing

Deliver comprehensive healing for both physiological and pathological health conditions

Easy integration with VDS technology

Capture and analyze vibration data from body systems, allowing for early detection of imbalances

Automatic therapy programs

Level up your regeneration and rejuvenation treatments with semi and fully automatic therapies

Insight-driven evaluation and treatment

Ensure accurate remedies based on insights from System Information Therapy (SIT), physiology, biochemistry and metabolic research

Preset programs and ampoules

Enhance healing therapies with over 3000 saved ampoules and preset programs

Fast, seamless and efficient bioresonance therapy programs

Med Select is a quick and effective tool that harnesses bio signals for detoxification, regeneration, and improved therapy outcomes.

Next-gen therapy

Leverage the most modern form of holistic therapy and drive healing capacities back into the right channels of a patient's body

Safe procedures

Ensure zero chance of side effects by using SI card functions, eliminating the need for sensitive tests

Customized and open therapy systems

Add unlimited new remedies and customize bio-individualized therapies

Faster healing process

Ignite self healing with unique treatment methods powered by homeopathy philosophy

User friendly and cost effective

Conduct safe, effective non-invasive therapies using easy to navigate treatment menus

Med Select in action

Wegamed’s Med Select is a comprehensive therapeutic device designed for:

Holistic health clinics​

Offer exceptional cures to chronic pain and aches

Med spas​

Elevate treatments and expand holistic service offerings

Naturopathy ​

Combat chronic allergies and illnesses

Wellness professionals

Offer complete lifestyle wellness with uniquely designed therapies

Chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics

Holistic care for injury prevention and improved strength and mobility.

Medicine clinics

Reduce side effects and enrich patient experience with System Information cards

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