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MED Audiocolor


Optimize your patients’ cognitive ability by combining the powerful effects of audio and color therapy with neurofeedback using Med Audiocolor and Neurofeedback

Boost physical and psychological healing responses

Deliver complete physiological healing responses with Wegamed’s Audiocolor and Neurofeedback therapy. Integrated with real-time neurofeedback, it facilitates painless procedures to achieve harmony within mind and body, improving biorhythmic activity and alleviating anxiety and depression.

Learn more about non-invasive, real-time neurofeedback combined with audio color therapy!

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Self-generated supplemental therapy with real-time biofeedback

This new-era therapeutic device effectively stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, regulates hormonal imbalance and soothes stress.

Exhaustion reduction

Provide relief from fatigue, boosting concentration and resilience

Healing response generation

Activates healing response and augments brain function

Activation of both parts of the brain

Through four levels of training - concentration, relaxation and imagination - achieve the highest level of tranquility

Personalized audiocolor therapy with 50+ training programs

Use Med Audiocolor and Neurofeedback programs to self-generate therapeutic activities in patients’ brains. Increase your profitability per client with customized individual programs using a single device.

Enhanced cognitive performance

Reduce stress levels and improve concentration by training the brain to transform difficult situations and memories into favorable ones

Holistic detoxification

Deliver holistic therapies that support comprehensive detoxification, easing inflammation and pain

Friction-free and user-friendly device software

The audiocolor therapy software has a user-friendly interface and step-by-step tutorial to help technicians easily operate the device

Customized and individualized therapies

Customize target-specific brain areas controlled through various modulations

Transparent regeneration procedures

Conduct an EEG analysis and provides real-time data for therapy modulation through audio and video transmission signals

Safe to use device

Suitable for use with all age groups, including children and teenagers

Improves sleep and biorhythmic activity

Relieves fatigue, enhances concentration, improves resilience

Supports recovery from autoimmune conditions

Reduces inflamation and pain, stimulates detoxification

Stimulates healing and regeneration of major organ system

Alleviates symptoms of anxiety and depression

Highly effective for alleviating psychosomatic basis of chronic health conditions

Integrates principle of energy medicine and mind-body therapies

Suitable for use with all age groups, including children and teenagers

Promotes overall well-being & creativity

Easy to use and portable device

MED Audiocolor in action

Holistic health clinics​

Promote mind-body balance

Med spas​

Offer relaxing experiences using audio-visual stimulation

Naturopathy ​

Improve patients’ self-healing abilities

Mental health facilities

Support emotional wellbeing with personalized therapies

Memory care facilities

Sharpen cognitive capabilities

Alternative & integrative medicine clinics

Offer recovery from autoimmune issues

Psychologists and counselors

Stimulate resilience to anxiety and depression

Wellness professionals

Reduce stress and Improve mind-body wellness

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