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Holistic Devices
Provides immediate relief
Uncovers the root causes

When dealing with challenges like chronic complaints, allergies or metabolic disorders, therapists need the aid of holistic products that identify the root cause, provide immediate relief and can adapt to the personalized needs of every individual.

Explore our range of diagnostic devices:

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The Med Matrix was named after the reason it was developed – to detoxify and regenerate soft connective tissue known as matrix. This device enables threefold results – connective tissue is freed of toxins and metabolic stress, cell structures damaged by chronic infection are repaired, and cells in the connective tissue and immune system are re-mobilized.

Specialized regeneration and detoxification methods
Takes immediate effect
Long term results and benefits

This device is powered by homeopathy to activate the self-healing ability of the body, using its own vibrations, helping alleviate allergies, skin issues, circulation problems and pain.

Activates patient’s capacity for self-healing via bioresonance therapy
Applications as individual as patients
Targets a wide range of issues

The first of its kind, the MED Audiocolor is a mobile self-therapy device that provides a combination of benefits that explores both bio feedback and neuro feedback therapy into an interactive projection of thoughts that activates and trains both sides of the brain.

Real time neuro feedback therapy
Reveals thoughts as colors and sounds
Increases life enjoyment for a range of patients