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Test Expert Plus


Enhance patient care with precise, non-invasive  testing and real-time post-treatment feedback through Test Expert Plus

Conduct comprehensive health assessments quickly and accurately with Test Expert Plus

Fast, non-invasive bio-individualized results providing insight into allergies, organ dysregulation and inflammation

Based on 30+ years of clinical research, enables quick and non-invasive discovery of pathogenic stress, organ toxicity and system dysregulation

Test for 5000+ pathogens without any puncture, eliminating expensive and invasive lab tests

Bio-individualized diagnosis in dialogue with the patient's body and unique biological signature

Test everything from allergies to organ dysregulation to inflammation in one session. Integrates with Check Medical Sport for whole-body assessment

The diagnostic process also triggers a healing response in many cases

Unique diagnostic modality combining ancient Chinese medicine with advanced modern medtech

Ability to quickly confirm elimination of pathogenic stressors, inflammation and dysregulation post-treatment via a full feedback loop

Watch how Test Expert Plus can facilitate a pain-free assessment in just 30 minutes!

Say goodbye to invasive lab tests!

Utilize unique diagnostic modalities and eliminate the need for expensive, uncomfortable lab tests with Test Expert Plus.

Metabolism regulation therapy

Provide targeted organ-specific metabolism therapy via SRT program card using five-element system evaluation

Meridian status measurement

Drive insight-based therapy by defining, measuring, and comparing the meridian status points of the patient’s hands and feet

Biological index

Leverage biological index to get a comprehensive diagnostic overview of the patient’s overall health condition

Pulse current therapy

Identify dysregulated organ systems through micro-simulation electricity and offer a bio-individualized assessment

Boost holistic healing with unique diagnostic modalities

Our Class 2A and CE diagnostic devices empower wellness professionals to deliver drug-free alternative treatments, significantly enhancing overall patient health

Improved patient engagement

Enable non-invasive allergy testing to deliver a seamless treatment experience

Increased efficiency

Increase diagnosis accuracy through post-treatment feedback

Precise diagnosis

Enable holistic treatment by uncovering the root causes of allergies

Fast and accurate assessment

Assess potential areas of inflammation or dysfunction in the whole body within just 20 minutes


Minimize the need for costly lab tests, making the entire process affordable

Versatile application

Showcases a vast scope of applications and benefits all age groups with zero contradictions

Test Expert Plus in action

Holistic health clinics​

Complete health evaluations and personalized care​

Med spas​

Customized, holistic treatment plans

Naturopathy ​

Promote 360-degree natural healing​

Wellness professionals

Enable functional diagnosis with in-depth evaluation

Biological dentists

Identify connections between oral health and overall well-being

Alternative and integrative medicine clinics

Pain-free diagnosis of allergens and unhealthy influences

Chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics

Pinpoint sources of chronic and acute inflammation

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Wellness Devices

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Get accurate test results in minutes - not days!