Discovering therapies with Med Select

Posted on: July 28, 2023

Activating the body’s self-healing ability with Med Select

The degree of self-regulation in human bodies relies on numerous factors, including chronic illness and acute infections. And symptomatically treating/suppressing the symptoms with conventional medicine often only worsens the patient’s health over long-term due to side effects and chronic issues that arise. Holistic wellness approaches on the other hand, helps with working on root causes using natural stimulation of healing capacity of the body and bringing it into regulation.

To support this mission Wegamed’s Med Select combines the best of both worlds: homeopathy therapies with modern regeneration techniques. It is a state-of-the-art medical device that aims to keep chronic illnesses like skin problems and acute infections at bay. It re-aligns the body’s metabolic cell activity based on its magnetic field vibrations. This way, it goes beyond surface level treatments and symptoms of the disease, and ; but rather activates the body’s self-regulation process and self-healing capacity in your patients.

How does Med Select work?

Med Select is a non-invasive, clinically approved medical device that collects information about the patient’s internal vibration and carrier signals and leverages it to provide a custom bio-individualized therapy. These therapies are based on low-frequency vibrations, which ignite the immune system, spark self-healing processes, and amplify the therapeutic effects in perfect harmony.

The device combines effective systems information therapy processes to store and use bio signals to get to the diseases’ roots – which are usually multi causal and like across multiple organ systems. It dives into the patient’s internal vibration information, including biological frequency and homeopathic therapy data as carrier signals. It taps into the regenerative frequencies of organs and cells.

Additionally, this pain-free device lets you add unlimited natural remedies for Bioresonance, ensuring that each patient gets custom bio-individualized treatment solely based on medical history. You can also select between semi- or fully-automatic therapy programs to further customize your patient’s treatment. Using bio-individualized treatment means you can expedite the treatment and recovery, activating the self-healing process.

Why do you need Med Select?

Med Select is the best treatment option for you as it combines the benefits of effective treatment for your patients while enabling you to deliver your best:

    • ● Activating self-healing through bio-resonance

Bioresonance is one of the core modalities of Med Select that helps you deliver an exceptional self-healing journey to your patients. The therapy reads energy wavelengths coming from the cells within the body, unveiling vital information about systems. This helps save your patients from painful, invasive, and time-taking procedures.

    • ● Treatment Customized per the patient’s needs

Med Select’s revolutionary and customized bio-individual treatment helps you match your patient’s remedial strategies to their reactive capacity, metabolism, and pain points.

    • ● Treatment backed by insights

Med Select leverages research methods like physiology, biochemistry, and metabolic research to get to the very roots of diseases. The results will help you not only cure problems from scratch but also ensure a 360-degree well-being.

    • ● Unlimited number of remedies

The device is backed with unlimited natural remedies, with semi- and fully-automatic options. There are up to 3000 ampoules saved on the device with numerous programs for application on individual level preset in it.

    • ● A treatment safe for all

The SI (system information) cards used for the treatment are free of side effects and easy to carry, making them an excellent treatment option, even for young kids.

Unlock complete self-healing with Wegamed’s Med Select

Med Select assists the body in natural regeneration while preparing it to fight toxins better and break down waste products. It also strengthens the immune system and improves vitality to prevent virus and bacterial attacks. By focusing on both endogenous (patient-inherent) and exogenous (natural, synthetic) conditions, the device realigns the metabolic cell activity to the cell’s own magnetic vibrations.

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