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MED Matrix


Empower holistic healing and regeneration by combining 5 therapies in a single session for deep healing with Med Matrix.

Strengthen immunity through targeted toxin elimination

Med Matrix, Wegamed’s medically certified therapeutic device, elevates your patients’ healing experience by combining five different holistic therapies into one powerful solution. Choose from 100+ customizable therapy programs and conduct complete detox and rejuvenation with minimal contraindications, thereby strengthening the immune system and restoring the body’s self-regulation abilities.

Watch how 100+ customizable programs in Med Matrix can reinforce whole body detoxification!

Next gen therapeutic modalities to boost self-healing

Say goodbye to toxins and harmful influences with Med Matrix regeneration therapies.

Rhythmic direct current treatment

Normalize anabolic and catabolic metabolism by re-polarizing the negatively charged matrix for targeted toxin expulsion


Combine the benefits of traditional acupuncture with a small amount of electricity for efficient and precise treatment

Petechial suction massage

Integrate ancient cupping with suction electrodes to bring metabolic waste products and tissue toxins to the surface for easy removal

System Information Therapy

Gather biological information on toxins and waste released from the matrix, and send therapeutic signals to activate self-healing


Diagnose cellular energy wavelengths and send back signals to boost the body’s innate healing capacity

100+ customizable therapies to deliver complete detoxification

Wegamed’s Med Matrix is the only medically certified device on the market for matrix detoxification. With an average life span of 10+ years, Med Matrix is a simple, safe and cost effective addition to your business.

Holistic healing journey

Regulate major organ systems in a single session to restore and reinforce innate healing

Complete regeneration

Empower the body to heal cell structures damaged by chronic infections

360-degree rejuvenation and detoxification

Eliminate toxins and waste products from the cells improving optimal functioning of organs

Enhanced restoration treatments

Amplify energy levels and a sense of well-being by enhancing the body’s natural healing ability

Personalized therapy

Gain patient’s trust by offering specialized treatment based on unique health concerns

Med Matrix in action

A non-invasive and therapeutic device ideally suited for:

Holistic health clinics​

Elevate existing services and improve overall well-being

Med spas​

Offer customized rejuvenation therapies

Naturopathy ​

Support natural and holistic healing processes

Sports medicine clinics

Support optimal wellbeing of athletes

Chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics

Alleviate inflammation and boost tissue repair

Alternative medicine clinics

Integrate detoxification as part of comprehensive treatment offerings

Wellness professionals

Empower patients’ detoxification journey

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