Whole body detox with Med Matrix

Posted on: July 28, 2023

Detoxifying and Restoring the body’s natural healing capacity with Wegamed’s Med Matrix

In this fast-paced and irregular lifestyle realm, most of us face reduced immunity and ongoing health issues. One primary reason behind this is the pathogens and toxins that weaken and block our immunity. With this in mind, we bring health practitioners a holistic way to treat patients and help them regain control of their well-being.

Med Matrix is a breakthrough therapeutic device designed to redefine how we approach healing. With its state-of-the-art features and advanced capabilities, the Med Matrix offers unparalleled treatment options for various medical conditions.

Med Matrix: The better way to detoxify and regenerate

Med Matrix is a CE-approved holistic medical device that treats soft tissue by removing toxins and aiding the body’s self-healing capabilities. The device has various apparent benefits – it is easy to operate, is non-invasive, has minimal contraindications, to name a few. It also ensures treatment safe ty, with over 20 years of market success and an unerring safety record. Med Matrix comes with ten-plus years of average lifespan and is a must for your treatment procedures.

One session for whole-body detoxification and regeneration is the main goal behind Med Matrix. When pathogens and toxins block a patient’s immunity, they trigger chronic conditions by damaging soft connective tissue, treating which is generally a long process. However, even a single session with Med Metrix can unblock the immune system and reinforce the healing process with Med Matrix. In fact, over 90% of patients claim relief from symptoms right after their first session.

The device enables you to support your patients with 100+ protocols/programs designed based on 20+ years of research!. Additionally a unique benefit is that fact that the therapy programs are customizable as per the specific needs of your patients, and you can also make your own programs. One highly popular feature of the device is the Face Electrode that allows us to detox and rejuvenate the skin, removing wrinkles and supporting natural rejuvenation, it works on the sustaining skin’s health also by increasing blood circulation and cellular activity stimulation.

How does Med Matrix work?

This pain-free medical device combines the therapeutic modalities, viz., Rhythmic Direct Current Treatment, Electro Acupuncture, Petechial Suction Massage, System-Information Therapy, and Bio-Resonance, all in a single device. Having the five modalities in single device elements removes the hassle of engaging different devices for different treatments. Result? Outstanding results just after the first session!

Jumpstart your patients’ immune system

The ultimate goal of holistic medicine is to treat patients in a way that enables their bodies to self-heal. Med Matrix is the only medically certified device for Matrix Detoxification that enables therapies to strengthen the functioning of patients’ immune systems. With over a hundred therapies/program that can be adjusted per individual patients’ medical needs, Med Matrix is customizable, non-invasiveness, and environmentally friendly. Now unlock the natural healing capacity of your patient’s body and jumpstart a better regulation of all major systems for them.

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