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Detox Footbath


Easily release toxins and revive your inner biological balance using the highly effective, non-invasive Detox Footbath.

A faster, more effective whole body detoxification experience

Deliver painless detoxification and rejuvenation therapy with Wegamed’s Detox Footbath. It’s unique technology uses the reflection fields on the feet (as understood in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda) to safely access and detox all major organ systems. The device is a class 2A and CE marked non-invasive wellness device that enables auto-detoxification, transforming the body’s acidic nature into a healthy alkaline, more pH balanced state.

Watch how Detox Footbath relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation in just 30 minutes!

Rejuvenate, recharge and revitalize

Effectively remove toxins and improve blood circulation with Detox Footbath.

Better organ functioning

Stimulates and balances bio-energetic fields in the human body

Auto detoxification

Deploy a pain-free process to cleanse preservatives, harmful chemicals, pesticides, yeasts, etc., from the body

Electric polarities feature

Improve alkali environment in a patient's body with a more balanced pH

Optimal well-being through holistic detox methods

Improves sleep, increases energy, boosts overall immunity, enables clearer thinking, and reduces aches and pains

User-friendly and easy-to-maintain device

Compact, innovative product that’s easy to use and maintain

Leverage next-gen wellness technology to eliminate toxins

Revolutionize detox and rejuvenation processes and drive business success with Detox Footbath. Elevate your wellness offerings with this must-have device, inspired by the renowned Mary Staggs Detox Footbath program

Clinically approved

Medically safe and suitable for all age groups

Competitive edge in comprehensive wellness

Go beyond traditional detox methods and level up your holistic well-being services

Deliver painless treatments to patients

A fully automated detoxification, non-invasive process for a seamless wellness experience

Enable faster and more accurate treatments

Deliver a 30-minute relaxing therapy that deep cleanses the body of harmful toxins and chemicals

Detox Footbath in Action

Holistic health clinics​

Tailored treatment for biological imbalances

Med spas​

Body purification and regeneration therapy

Naturopathy ​

Facilitates natural healing of organ dysfunctions

Mental health facilities

Foster measures for mindfulness and calmness

Memory care facilities

Enhance cognitive well-being and relaxation

Alternative & integrative medicine clinics

Pain-free traceability of unhealthy influences

Psychologists and counselors

Decrease stress and improve well-being

Wellness professionals

Easily detox all major organ systems in one session

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Unlock faster and pain-free detoxification processes.