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Create a healing space that empowers true health and wellbeing.

This one-of-a-kind wellness clinic helps you to build an integrated offering for your patients that starts with holistic diagnostics, delves deeper with advanced organ dysfunctions and support healing/recovery with medical-grade therapies. Enabling a truly healing journey and handholding for your patients!

From chronic health conditions, emotional-mental challenges, physical ailments geopathic stress, dental interferences, food allergies, and intolerances to much more, can be healed holistically with the support of our clinically-approved devices.

The Wegamed Wellness Center offers
our patients a 7 step healing journey

Promising full-body rejuvenation via integrated devices

Check medical sport

Check the patients in the truest sense of the word from the head to toe.

Test expert plus

The test expert plus provides detailed information on the causes of illness

Med matrix

Combine several methods of matrix regeneration for thought basic detox

Med select

Activates the bodies self-healing powers through the bodies vibrations

Detox footbath

The detox footbath was developed in 2001 by british doctor marry stages

Med audiocolor

Color and tone therapy with med audioclor serve to strengthen the conditions.

Watch how the Wegamed Wellness Clinic inspires holistic health beyond just treating symptoms!

The Wegamed Wellness Center has succeeded in being a lucrative business model with just one customer per week!

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