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C.P., Medical Doctor
"Wegamed’s devices give me a clearer picture of my patients overall health. The non-invasive therapies help my patients feel better right away."

- C.P., Medical Doctor

Peter Mölleney
"When we understand the body’s physiology and the basis of the disease, we help alter your lifestyle and cure you for complete wellness. Our core philosophy is to find the reason, don’t just cure the symptom."

- Peter Mölleney

CEO and Founder, Wegamed
S.M., CEO of Financial Services Company
“My results from the Wegamed Prefit Bodyscan were very revealing; it enabled me to look at my body from another angle. I had many revelations about my body’s weaknesses that I did not notice before, but with which I have had problems.”

- S.M., CEO of Financial Services Company

R.J., Medical Doctor
"I am pleasantly surprised by just how precise the diagnostic methods of Wegamed are. I’m excited to share this technology with my patients; it will enhance the level of holistic care that I am able to provide for them."

- R.J., Medical Doctor


The Wegamed Story: How Have We Evolved?

Developed over 15 years ago, Wegamed was founded as a result of Mr. Peter Mölleney's passion for sports and his conventional training in the field of medicine.

Following his career as a semi-professional soccer player
and swimmer, Mr. Peter Mölleney merged his passion for
sports with his family legacy in the field of medicine to create Wegamed GmbH, headquartered in Essen.

A fifth-generation physician with his own naturopathic
practice, Mr. Mölleney utilized his training in traditional and
alternative medicine, along with psychotherapy, to develop Wegamed’s innovative med tech devices specializing in detoxification and regeneration therapies at the cellular level.

Under the direction of Mr. Mölleney, Wegamed carries on the tradition of Vega Grieshaber KG collaborating with engineers and research institutions to develop new devices for effective diagnoses and non-invasive therapies.

Backed by 25+ years of research and clinical trials, Wegamed’s Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Wellness Devices are approved for medical use in Germany (DIMDI) and several other countries. The devices are Class 2A CE-marked, clinically approved, FDA registered and MDSAP compliant.

Today, we focus on developing diagnostic and therapeutic equipment utilized by over 8,000 holistic practitioners, including integrative medicine doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, in their everyday practices.

Our diagnostic equipment is approved for medical use in Germany (DIMDI) and several other countries. Our solutions enable practitioners to get fresh insights and critical information that helps them provide the best possible treatment and guidance to their customers. We open up a whole new diagnostic dimension beyond what traditional examination procedures can provide.

Our electrography and bioimpedance measurements detect potential abnormalities, organ stress, chronic illness, and focal inflammation spots in the body – and they do so rapidly, effectively, and consistently in only a few minutes.


what we offer

A broad spectrum of practitioners use our equipment. The diagnostic products provide accurate information on the sources of physical disorders that result in symptoms and a sensation of ill health. The therapeutic devices assist you in completing your treatment plan and have a long-term impact on the process of physical regeneration.

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Our values. Our guiding lights.

The best approach is always holistic.

Understanding the source of diseases rather than just the symptoms is an essential capability that our method fosters. Rather than simply addressing the symptoms on the surface, we look for the root cause and lifestyle factors that set off the sequence of events. That way, we can provide our patients with the best opportunity for long-term health and well-being by implementing the appropriate therapies and preventative measures. Thousands of dollars in possible medical bills and missed time are frequently saved.

Wegamed products enable professionals to enhance their practice with better information and natural therapies that detox, rejuvenate and regenerate the human body. The human body is a complex system that can only be comprehended in its whole. When functional diseases emerge, this is especially important: rather than fighting symptoms like pain, allergies, weariness, or lack of sleep, the reasons that put the system off balance must be recognized and treated.

Our 4 step method ensures holistic health- the synthesis of diagnosis, causality, detox, and prevention to create wellbeing. We can often miss critical indications of underlying difficulties if we don’t perceive the human organism as a complicated system. This causes people to have reoccurring problems, flare-ups, and finally, a worsening of their health. We need to figure out why the problem started in the first place to resolve it and prevent future difficulties.

About the Team

Our team consist of biomedical engineers, general practitioners, diagnosticians, medics, and therapists. We also have an international network of medically qualified specialist advisers and trainers ready to share their expertise.