Case Study : The Soul Spring Experience

Posted on: July 28, 2023

How Wegamed powers Soul Spring wellness centers

In the realm of holistic wellness, Soul Spring stands as a beacon of innovation. At the heart of this revolution lies Wegamed, as we catapulted Soul Spring into a league of its own, redefining possibilities in wellness centers through our cutting-edge, next-gen medtech devices.

The story of Wegamed and Soul Spring evolving together!

Since 2019, we have proudly collaborated with Soul Spring to revolutionize bio-wellness solutions. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic devices have empowered Soul Spring to elevate their self-healing experience while guaranteeing their patients an exceptional wellness journey.

We have blended traditional and alternative medicine with state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapies, helping Soul Spring achieve significant milestones in their quest for optimal well-being.

How is Wegamed facilitating best-in-class bio-wellness and solutions for Soul Spring?

To switch from legacy treatment to holistic wellness. We utilize our state-of-the-art med tech products and solutions to help Soul Spring surpass the limitations of conventional tests and enable their healthcare practitioners to delve into the intricacies of individual health.

    • ● Holistic and medically certified devices

At Wegamed, we proudly present a robust arsenal of seven devices from our product suite, carefully selected to help Soul Spring power self-healing and complete rejuvenation. All these devices are Class 2A and CE certified, ensuring non-invasive and painless treatment procedures.

    • ● Provides immediate relief

Through our bio-individualized and comprehensive holistic therapy products, Soul Spring has been instrumental in activating the remarkable self-healing capabilities of their patients. Our therapies successfully address circulation problems, facilitating the complete detoxification and regeneration of tissues and eliminating stagnant dead cells.

    • ● Uncovers root causes

Addressing the symptoms on the surface is not enough. That’s precisely why we collaborate with Soul Spring, leveraging our holistic diagnostic and therapeutic devices to implement proactive measures and effectively alleviate diseases from their roots.

    • ● Ensures balanced and harmonized well being

Our diverse range of wellness devices empowers SoulSpring to nurture physical, mental, and emotional health. These expertly crafted devices work in harmony to restore the body’s natural balance, amplifying energy levels and fostering an overall sense of wellness.

    • ● Customized treatment plans via in-depth insights

At Wegamed, our cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic devices like Test Expert Plus, Prefit Bodyscan, Med Select, etc., let health and well practitioners know what is at risk and enable insights that even regular lab tests do not provide, preventing the hidden triggers of diseases.

    • ● Therapies and diagnoses that are applicable for all age groups, including senior citizens

Our drug-free, non-invasive, and pain-free devices are suitable for all types of patients, whether children or seniors. These devices help practitioners at Soul Spring gain access to in-depth analysis of the root cause of the illness and use advanced approaches like real-time neurofeedback therapy.

Reviving natural restoration with Wegamed

At Wegamed, we share Soul Spring’s firm belief that true healing begins when the focus moves from drugs to rejuvenation and healthcare shifts from reactive to preventative. Aligned with this vision, we help Soul Spring build a dynamic sphere of bio-wellness, detoxification, and regenerative treatments by implementing our product suite.

    • ● From reactive to preventative care

Our holistic devices help Soul Spring facilitate a 4-step healing method combining diagnosis, causality, detox, and prevention. These non-invasive devices help Soul Spring’s practitioners recognize the critical indications of diseases, address recurring problems, prevent flare-ups, and improve the overall health of their patients.

    • ● More focus on detoxification and rejuvenation

Our comprehensive and painless wellness devices aid Soul Spring in enhancing holistic wellness and facilitate 360-degree detoxification, rejuvenation, and regeneration to rethink natural restoration and promote optimal health.

    • ● Delivering personalized and innovative therapy experiences

As Wegamed, we understand that providing 360-degree support for wellness calls for bio-individualized and non-invasive therapies. Our thoughtfully designed therapeutic devices help Soul Spring deliver immediate relief and adapt to the personalized needs of every individual.

Elevate your healthcare experience to new heights with Wegamed

We offer the best integrated MedTech solutions to help wellness centers create a healing space that empowers true health and wellbeing. Our products provide an integrative and non-invasive approach to support comprehensive healing journeys for your patients.

A look at Wegamed’s suite of products:

  • Check Medical Sport – Offers deep insights, health assessment, and therapy planning in just eight minutes
  • Med Matrix – Offers five detoxification and rejuvenation modalities in just one session
  • Med Select – Helps build bio-individualized plans via bio-resonance, biological frequencies, etc.
  • Test Expert Plus – An advanced diagnostic device for 5000+ pathogens and allergens
  • Med Audiocolor – Bio individualize self-therapy product combining audio color therapy and real-time neurofeedback
  • Detox footbath – Detoxifies the whole body while improving sleep quality, energy level, and organ regulations
  • SOE Air – Portable device that improves oxygen availability by 15+% and helps improve sleep and rejuvenation

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