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Accelerate cellular regeneration and detoxification with SOE Air’s enhanced oxygenation

Improved oxygen utilization for complete rejuvenation

SOE Air’s unique technology purifies the air and improves oxygenation, helping you unlock holistic cellular detox. SOE Air is a noiseless, non-invasive device that ensures 15% better-oxygenated air, boosting immune systems, expediting recoveries, and decelerating the aging process.

Learn how SOE Air can improve the air around you, increasing your energy and invigorating your environment!

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A noiseless, non-invasive way to unlock cellular regeneration

SOE Air’s patented technology provides complete air purification to restore the cell’s self-regeneration and innate healing capabilities.

Drugless alternative

Reduce free radicals from the body through this drugless alternative

Plug and sleep device

A comfortable non-invasive and noiseless solution without a mask or cannula

Improved concentration levels - anywhere

Boost sustainable energy and balance concentration levels wherever you are - in your car, home, office, etc.

Better restorative sleep

Experience deeper and more restorative sleep with improved breathing and cardio-vascular relaxation.

Improved parasympathetic response

Aids in recovery, energy conservation and system regulation

Chronic stress reduction and weight management

Reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, and uric acid through deeper cleansing

Self-generated supplemental therapy with real-time biofeedback

This new-era therapeutic device effectively stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, regulates hormonal imbalance, and soothes stress.

Optimal well-being

Offer a wellness paradigm that goes beyond treatment and enables 360-degree well-being

Effective recuperation

Enhance complete recuperation from pollutants and reduce intake of harmful toxins from the air

Holistic treatment to chronic fatigue

Boost patients’ immune systems via thorough revitalization and alleviate chronic fatigue and stamina issues

User-friendly and portable

Use it anywhere - in your car, at home, in your office and while traveling

SOE AIR in action

Wegamed’s SOE Air is a next-gen oxygenation device perfect for:

Holistic health clinics​

Health stores

Med spas​

Naturopathy ​

Wellness professionals

Wellness centers

Alternative, integrative, and complementary medicine clinics

Sleep clinics

Sports centers

Respiratory therapists

Chiropractic and physiotherapy clinics

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Optimize cellular regeneration with better oxygenation