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Enhanced performance
Higher recovery potential
Detoxification and regeneration
Improved mental and physical fitness
Bio-individualized, solutions for chronic conditions

With concepts, centers and devices, every patient has the possibility to find a chance for preventative and diagnostic relief near them. They can find the right center or therapists and greatly benefit in holistic care with Wegamed’s concepts.

Find the right Wegamed practitioner for you.

We are actively looking for channel partners across various geographies.

    L.G., Entrepreneur
    “Wegamed truly helped me not only learn about how I can improve quality of life for myself but also introduced me to an opportunity of making a difference in other people’s lives!"

    - L.G., Entrepreneur

    S.M., CEO of Financial Services Company
    “My results from the Wegamed Prefit Bodyscan were very revealing; it enabled me to look at my body from another angle. I had many revelations about my body’s weaknesses that I did not notice before, but with which I have had problems.”

    - S.M., CEO of Financial Services Company

    R.J., Medical Doctor
    "I am pleasantly surprised by just how precise the diagnostic methods of Wegamed are. I’m excited to share this technology with my patients; it will enhance the level of holistic care that I am able to provide for them."

    - R.J., Medical Doctor

    C.P., Medical Doctor
    "Wegamed’s devices give me a clearer picture of my patients overall health. The non-invasive therapies help my patients feel better right away."

    - C.P., Medical Doctor