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Medically certified devices
Gain in-depth insights
No side-effects

Efficiently diagnosing psychosomatic or endogenous health issues take up valuable time and energy for both patients and therapists. Wegamed devices tell you what is at risk, preventing a dysfunction before it occurs. It enables insights that a normal lab test does not provide, identifying the hidden causes of diseases.

Explore our range of diagnostic devices:

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This fully-automated device produces a full-body advisory analysis in just one measurement. The Check Medical Sport displays defects in the body along with producing a summary evaluation and providing suggestions for the right therapy.

Fully-automated diagnosis
Assess all major organ systems
Results in less than 8 minutes
Expert recommendations to athletes

This unique product gathers in-depth insights through scanning into an athlete’s body and recording reactions to stimuli, thereby identifying weaknesses. The Prefit Bodycan also uses a comprehensive muscle analysis to accurately determine the ideal training time, fitness performance and concise nutritional advice.

Holistic & fully-automated
Results in less than 10 minutes
Design a personalized training plan
Offers unique insights & medical advice

The star attraction in the Wegamed range, the Test Expert Plus gives a detailed analysis of the root cause of illnesses in a quick and effective manner. This device can sense allergies, study organ functionality and find acute and chronic inflammation foci.

Detailed allergen and organ functionality assessment
Provides wholistic insights
Identify causes not detectable by standard blood tests
Safe and applicable for a wide range of customers