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Look beyond symptoms for quick and comprehensive body diagnosis and accurate health assessments with Check Medical Sport

Extensive evaluation for holistic diagnosis

In the face of continually emerging health challenges, early detection and understanding of the root causes is crucial to prevent them from becoming chronic. Treating symptoms merely on surface levels delays recovery, leading to a loss of valuable opportunities for prevention. This is further aggravated by slow diagnosis tools as they increase inaccuracies, patient anxiety, and healthcare service costs.

Wegamed helps you stay at the forefront of preventative diagnosis with Check Medical Sport. This class 2A and CE marked non-invasive medical device uses detailed graphical representations to identify functional disorders within the body, provide localized illness analysis, and deliver instant information on stress levels and energy reserves.

Watch how Check Medical Sport makes preventive healthcare possible through a completely automatic program!

Unlock insight-driven, smart diagnosis

This non-invasive medical device has unique features to help healthcare practitioners conduct an accurate health assessment.

Full body diagnosis

Performs full body scan, examining major organ systems, connecting tissues, and emotional and mental systems

Root cause analysis

Goes beyond surface-level symptoms to identify and understand the source of ailments

Vitality assessment

Evaluates functional disorders, oxidative stress, energy reserves, and systemic degeneration, providing insights into overall vitality

Systemic and dynamic analysis

Provides data on allergies, dysfunctions, hidden inflammation, regulatory behavior, tissue response, etc., for a detailed analysis across systems

Athletic evaluation

Conducts fitness and muscle analysis for all-round specialized care for athletes

Integrated diagnosis

Offers deep insights through seamless integrated diagnosis using Test Expert Plus, ensuring 360-degree cure of ailments

Level up your wellness experiences, quickly and precisely

Revolutionize patient care and drive business success with Check Medical Sport. Leverage 25+ years of research in segment electrography for accurate health assessment of patients from head to toe, identifying trouble spots missed by conventional methods.

Faster assessment

Get detailed advisory analysis in just 8 minutes!

Competitive edge in diagnosis

Go beyond traditional treatment methods like ECG, x-rays, etc. to uncover the roots of illness

Deliver painless treatments to patients

Gain patients’ trust by offering a fully automatic, non-invasive measurement for faster treatments

Increase accuracy and effectiveness

Maximize fitness outcomes and offer evidence-based analysis for optimal training schedules and heart rates

Achieve top-tier clientele

Gain the trust of top athletes, professional footballers, golfers and world champion tennis players

Check Medical Sport in action

Our non-invasive medical device caters to:

Holistic health clinics​

Enable dynamic assessment features

Med spas​

Offer tailored assessment of stress levels

Naturopathy ​

Get deep insights on vitality of the patients’ body

Rehabilitation centers

Facilitate eco-impact analysis and measures

Sports centers, coaches, and personal trainers

Conduct fitness and muscle analysis

Alternative and integrative medicine clinics

Enable new-gen restoration methods

Sports medicine clinics

Conduct optimal performance evaluation

With you every step of the way

Our innovative diagnostic devices are backed by a team of research engineers, medics, and therapists to help you when you need it.

Global network of specialists offering installation, repair, and assistance

Maintenance assistance for uninterrupted operations

Medical expertise and product assistance for all technical inquiries

Informative seminars for demonstrating on product benefits

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