Whole body diagnostics with Check Medical Sport

Posted on: June 27, 2023

Gone are the days when treating an ailment or illness was impossible till the symptoms manifested themselves. Also, gone are times when curing health concerns was restricted to merely prescribing medication. It is now the era of comprehensive care and holistic wellness.

So what is holistic medicine? Simply put, it is a whole-body approach to health and wellness where all aspects of human physiology are considered: physical, psychological, and spiritual. Here, the idea is to treat a health condition and address the interrelation between the facets mentioned above to prevent its reappearance in the long run.

For example, suppose an individual suffers from chronic headaches or migraines. In that case, a holistic medicine practitioner will evaluate all potential factors triggering it—from dietary habits to sleep patterns to emotional problems. Medication forms only a part of the overall healing process.

Enabling Efficient Full-body Diagnostics

Today, holistic medicine is more than treating medical conditions. It is about timely prediction, addressing existing and emerging health challenges, and unlocking the full potential of the human body. Be it individuals seeking overall wellness or professional athletes in pursuit of improved performance, holistic treatment modalities are becoming the preferred route.

Now, with Check Medical Sport, Wegamed’s innovative diagnostic device, therapists and doctors can help their patients achieve their desired goals. The cutting-edge tool leverages over 25 years of research and physician feedback to enable automated full-body advisory analysis. Check Medical Sport accurately scans all vital organ systems, connecting tissues, and emotional/mental states.

What makes this method remarkable?

It delivers results in under 10 mins. From holistic health clinics to rehabilitation centers to sports coaches and personal trainers, Check Medical Sport has wide-ranging applicability.

How Does Check Medical Sport Work?

Check Medical Sport is built on over two decades of research in bioimpedance analysis (BIA) research, a method of measuring body composition (such as body fat and muscle mass) and assessing clinical conditions. Here, the rate at which harmless electrical currents travel through the body is analyzed to estimate the mentioned components.

It is well known that the human body is affected by periodic (daily and monthly) biological rhythms. However, the effect of short-term rhythms— seconds and minutes—closely associated with metabolic processes is less understood. Check Medical Sport discerns these minute fluctuations. Utilizing only six electrodes connected to the head, hands, and feet, it supplies alternating negative and positive 13Hz pulse currents in four consecutive, pre-programmed sequences.

It measures the electrical parameters for every predefined body segment and their regulatory behaviors. If there are deviations from the normal range, it is indicative of a disorder. These measurements provide crucial insights into the functioning of organs or groups of organs and the influences giving rise to variations.

What are the Advantages of Check Medical Sport?

The benefits of the advanced diagnostic methods are many. Let us take a look at some of them.

    • ● Easy to Use and Quick Results

Check Medical Sport is fully-automatic and non-invasive, enhancing the ease of use for patients and therapists. Importantly, it provides a detailed advisory analysis almost instantaneously—in just eight minutes.

    • ● Identifies Root Causes

Check Medical Sport locates the source of a patient’s distress. It spots irregularities that even traditional diagnostic methods such as ECG, X-ray, ultrasound, and computer tomography (CT), among others, may miss. This includes centers of inflammation, allergic tendencies, hidden or chronic illnesses, and so on.

    • ● Expansive Analysis

Check Medical Sport evaluates various physical disorders: functional disorders, oxidative stress, energy reserves, and systemic degeneration. It also provides valuable information on regulatory and energy behavior, tissue response, and acid-alkali balance in the body.

    • ● Assists Conventional Diagnosis

As Check Medical Sport offers a comprehensive review of the origin of health anomalies, it compliments traditional diagnostic methods. The combined expertise of doctors and therapists with insights from this revolutionary tool augments clinical diagnosis, facilitating improved and customized treatment.

    • ● Suggesting Treatments

After identifying the various conditions affecting an individual, Check Medical Sport also recommends therapeutic interventions. It also makes additional insights available by seamlessly integrating with other Wegamed diagnostic solutions, such as Test Expert Plus.

Revolutionizing Sports Medicine: The Check Medical Sport Advantage

While Check Medical Sport’s flexibility enhances wellness and general healthcare, it can transform sports medicine. Owing to its evidence-based analysis of various health factors, it can help boost the performance of professional athletes across sports—from football to tennis to golf. Some factors enabling this are:

    • ● Constitutional Muscle Analysis

Holistic medicine has found that every muscle in the body shares a close relationship with organ systems and the spine. This implies that a functional disorder in an organ may influence the workings of specific muscles. Check Medical Sport provides an advanced understanding of the musculoskeletal system-organ system relationship.

    • ● Ideal Training Range

According to traditional Chinese medicine, it is essential to punctuate physical activity with rest periods. While muscles respond to active phases well, they are susceptible to injury during resting phases. Check Medical Sport addresses this concern. It evaluates the athlete’s status and recommends a suitable training period during the day—minimizing the risk of injuries.

    • ● Determining Ideal Training Heart Rate

Check Medical Sport aids athletes in ascertaining their ideal training heart rate—for stable health, active metabolism, and improved fitness. This aids them in devising training programs to optimize performance.

    • ● Training Effectiveness

Superior training effectively creates a beneficial ratio between ‘dynamism’ and ‘energy reserves.’ Energy reserves refer to the energy that the body falls back on during training. Dynamism refers to the body’s capacity to access available energy reserves to maximize performance during training, competition, and regeneration. Striking a balance between these two processes is critical to ensuring that neither the body’s ability to regenerate nor its readiness to utilize energy is compromised. Check Medical Sport helps athletes achieve this equilibrium.

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