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Applicable for all age groups including senior citizens
Non-invasive and suitable for home/self use
Detox and rejuvenate all major organ systems
Access overall balance and harmony in your wellbeing

Our range of wellness devices are aimed at achieving optimal wellbeing by nurturing regulation and balance of our physical, mental and emotional health. As we age, our feeling of ‘wellness’ becomes increasingly important parameter of our quality of life! Our wellness devices are designed to bring our whole body back into its state of innate balance, improve energy levels and the overall sense of wellbeing.

Explore our range of wellness devices:

The Detox Footbath is designed to improve organ function with auto-detoxification, delivered in an effective and non-invasive way by balancing the bio-energetic fields of the body. This device works on the principals of ancient medicine integrated into a clinically tested, safe and easy to use wellness modality.

A revolutionary way to detox, rejuvenation and rebalance the body
Non-invasive, safe easy to use and fast results

An innovative and highly portable personal wellness device, the SOE Air supports the activation of air in the environment to help the natural rejuvenation processes of our bodies while we sleep. Build on proprietary Wegamed technology, It also helps us develop re for stresses and pressures while working, reading or watching television and even while driving.

Increases oxygen in the brain and heart
Improves stamina, productivity and performance
Improves sleep quality and overall energy levels